movement in waves

A project for a newly renovated beauty salon in the tenant section of a newly built property. As the building was new, it was necessary to start from scratch, including the facilities, and the budget for the interior design was limited. For this reason, a simple configuration was adopted with the stations placed in the center of the space while making the most of the concrete surface. The stations were arranged like a playground set on a vacant lot, with metal poles dividing the way to clear the path. Concrete blocks, single pipes, and wood were used as materials. The legs of the stations reflect in the mirrors, creating a continuous wave-like pattern and creating movement in a concrete space that otherwise would be still. The circular shape was also incorporated into the reception desk and storage shelves, centered around the stations to create a flow throughout the space.

USE   beauty salon
SITE   3-6-9 Shibasakicho,Tachikawa-shi,Tokyo-to,Japan
SALON   joli
DESIGNER    Takuya Yamamoto
 Backs Inc. / studio HOHO
PHOTOGRAPH   Kenichi Inagaki



用途  美容院
場所  東京都立川市柴崎 3
丁目 6 – 19
完了  2022 年
店舗  joli
設計  山本卓弥 
施工  株式会社バックス / studio HOHO
撮影  稲垣 謙一 (kenichiinagaki.com)